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Alex Hormozi is a multimillionaire, philanthropist, fitness fanatic, business owner, and CEO of three flourishing organizations. In addition, he is the creator of The Game Podcast, the author of two books, and an authority on acquisition, and monetization.

Alex Hormozi is thought to be worth $15 million, and the combined revenue of his businesses exceeds $100 million annually.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth – How does Alex Hormozi make money?

The three enterprises Alex Hormozi runs—eCommerce, brick-and-mortar services, software, and SAAS—which span several industries, and account for a sizable portion of his income. But Alex is increasing his revenue by delivering online seminars and selling his books. $100M Offers: Gym Launch Secrets and How to Make Offers So Good People Will Feel Stupid Refusing Them.

According to Alex Hormozi, his success is the result of perseverance and social media promotion. He is a firm believer in the power of ClickFunnels and used them, along with other social media marketing techniques, to boost his company’s recognition. Alex claimed that his enterprises significantly increased once he became well-known online.

Alex Hormozi Biography and Early Life

NameAlex Hormozi
Real NameUnknown
ProfessionAmerican entrepreneur
Date of Birth18 August 1982
Age40 years old
BirthplaceAustin, Texas, United States of America
Net Worth 2022$5 million

The path of Alex Hormozi began when he was a youngster and developed a fitness obsession. Throughout high school and college, the drive to better himself became to be a driving force in his life. He earned a bachelor’s degree in corporate strategy from Vanderbilt University in 2011, after which he opened a gym in one of the most competitive cities in the country.

Since the business was quite slow when Alex Hormozi opened his first gym, he was unable to pay his rent and ended up sleeping on the floor. Nevertheless, with a lot of effort, regular habits, and a clever business plan, he started to make an extra $10,000 every month. While every other gym in the area was closing, Alex was purchasing their real estate.

He soon succeeded in transforming a failing gym into six fully operational facilities.

Alex Hormozi Age

Alex Hormozi Age and Birthday

Alex Hormozi, who turned 30 in 2018, was born on August 18, 1992.

Career Highlights

Alex Hormozi met his wife Lelia when he was just starting his profession, and the two of them went on to create something amazing. They established the business Gym Launch, which visited several gyms to assist owners in sustaining and improving their operations. Without requiring outside funding, the business took off right away, quickly expanding to over 40 workers, and reaching a revenue of $24 million.

To offer genuine ingredients and outcomes, Alex Hormozi founded the supplement company Prestige Labs in 2019. Another initiative, Done For You Meals (D.F.Y.M. ), took the place of Prestige Labs. Later, Alex Hormozi launched A.L.A.N, a SaaS company that assists dentists, chiropractors, law firms, and gyms as they grow their businesses.

To demonstrate their generosity and kindness, Alex and Lelia Hormozi gave over a million dollars to the nonprofit organization After School All-Stars, whose goal is to empower youngsters by offering free, educational after-school activities.

Alex now has over $100 million in sales and uses his knowledge to assist business owners in attracting, retaining, and profiting from clients. Alex Hormozi is currently a well-known social media influencer, webinar presenter, published author, and host of the podcast The Game, where he discusses the life lessons and mistakes that helped him succeed.

Alex Hormozi Wife & Family

Alex Hormozi Wife

His beloved women, Lelia, and Alex Hormozi have been married for many years. Lelia supported her man during both his successful and difficult times. She never stopped encouraging him when Alex started his first business, and she has also assisted him in managing his enterprises. She works full-time for his business empire and lectures and blogs for the Acquisition team.

Full NameAlex Hormozi
Father NameUnknown
Mother NameUnknown
WifeLeila Hormozi 

How much money does Alex Hormozi make?

Although there is little information available regarding Alex Hormozi’s earnings, his yearly net worth is thought to be $15 million. Alex and Lelia Hormozi surpassed $100 million in cumulative sales with an $85 million annual revenue thanks to Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, and A.L.A.N.

What can we learn from Alex Hormozi’s success?

Alex Hormozi thinks that everyone can become wealthy with hard work and regular habits. You are fully accountable for the level of income you have, he said, and if you’re unhappy with it, it’s because you’re simply not that useful.

His path shows us that everyone must start somewhere and that there is always room for improvement. With the aid of his wife and business partner Lelia Hormozi, as well as his fortitude and perseverance, Alex Hormozi transformed himself from a homeless man running a failed gym to a millionaire CEO of Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, and A.L.A.N.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth – FAQS

Who is Alex Hormozi? 

Entrepreneur Alex Hormozi is well-known in the United States. Alex Hormozi was born on August 18, 1982, and is currently 40 years old.

What is Alex Hormozi Net Worth?

An American businessman named Alex Hormozi has a $5 million fortune. On August 18, 1982, Alex Hormozi was born.

How old is Alex Hormozi? 

On August 18, 1982, Alex Hormozi was born. Aged forty, Alex Hormozi.

How did Hormozi get rich?

Hormozi founded, a company that invests in and assists other start-ups in maximizing their profits, after selling Gym Launch.

Is Alex Hormozi Persian?

First-generation Iranian-American businessman, investor, and philanthropist Alex Hormozi. He opened his first physical location in 2013. He successfully expanded his company to six sites in just three years.

How Did Alex Hormozi Make His Money?

By selling Gym Launch in 2021, Alex amassed a fortune of $46.2 million. In 2023, he will be valued at more than $100 million.

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