Audience Members Wearing WGA Support Pins Kicked Out of The Drew Barrymore Show

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The Drew Barrymore Show is most recognised for its up-close and personal interview style, wacky segments, and Barrymore’s healthy outlook on life. Some fans, on the other hand, claim they were thrown out of today’s Season 4 premiere taping because they were wearing pins in support of the ongoing WGA strike.

Two audience members, Dominic Turiczek and Cassidy Carter, received Writers Guild of America (WGA) pins from picketers as they arrived for a TV show taping they had free tickets for. Carter removed her pin at security, but Turiczek kept his on. A crew member noticed Turiczek’s pin and asked them to leave the studio before the show began.

Following their removal from the studio, Turiczek and Carter joined the picket lines outside while wearing WGA shirts. Turiczek remarked, “If they think we’re part of the strike, we might as well be,” while Carter expressed disappointment, having originally signed up for tickets as a fan of Barrymore.

“It really has changed my perspective on her and the show in general,” Carter said. “I’ve been completely alarmed and disheartened by this whole process.”

The show has resumed production without its writers, and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has announced plans to picket outside the show throughout the week because it remains a struck production.

The three co-head writers from the WGA were present at the picket line and learned about the show’s resumption through audience ticket giveaways shared on social media. The show had been on hiatus since April.

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