Job Opportunities for Gamers: From Dream to Reality

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Recently, published interesting information for every gamer who has moved from the stage of “playing for fun” to a new level of “playing for profit and pleasure.” The famous quote from Henry Ford, “The best job is a high-paying hobby,” has now become a reality even for novice gamers, as a special product has appeared on the market that combines blockchain technology and game mechanics – My NFT Wars.

“One of the main advantages of blockchain games is that they provide a level playing field for gamers of all backgrounds,” said Alexander Goldybin, co-founder of My NFT Wars. “Players can have fun and earn money regardless of location, financial status, educational background, eSports affiliation, etc. The only thing that matters is how well players perform in the game. This creates a fair and inclusive environment that is truly revolutionary.”

This product was created by a large team consisting of talented developers from Ukraine. Many investors became interested in the progressive vision of the programmers and invested a significant amount of resources in the project’s development:

A triple bottom line mindset is a big reason why investors like the founder of Social Discovery Group Dmitry Volkov, Nika Tech Family, Blackshield Capital, Wannabiz, and angel investors including co-founder Fedor Drozdovski and entertainer Potap (Alex Potapenko) are backing projects like My NFT Wars, which has now raised $2 million. 

“Our investors support our belief that blockchain games create opportunities for gamers, especially those in developing countries and underserved communities,” said My NFT Wars co-founder Maxim Slobodyanyuk. “Now, anyone can turn their passion for gaming into a profitable venture.”

Slobodyanyuk explained that investors also joined the project to help expand Ukrainian game development.

“I know that Dmitry Volkov is passionate about supporting Ukrainian game developers and the global gaming community,” he said. “The reason for this is that as more people experience our games, more opportunities will come to our region.” 

A brand-new and thrilling chance is offered to players everywhere through My NFT Wars and other blockchain-powered games. By enabling players to earn tokens and other digital assets while having fun, the model presents a revolutionary gaming concept. Blockchain games offer access to a second source of income, which is especially helpful for those in underprivileged regions and developing nations.

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