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Do you want to know Kevin Rinke’s net worth and romantic history? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. We’ll provide you with all the pertinent information about Kevin Rinke in this post, including his background, line of work, and financial situation.

Kevin Rinke: Is he real? Successful businessman and Republican governor candidate Kevin Rinke. He is an outstanding leader who has spent his entire life in Michigan. He is a renowned businessman who is successful in the automotive industry.

Kevin Rinke’s is the biggest Pontiac dealership in the world. Additionally, his Cadillac dealership comes in third place overall and in terms of business in Michigan, only behind Toyota businesses. In 2000, according to Rinke, $350 million in income was produced.

Kevin Rinke Net Worth

Is it accurate to say that Kevin Rinke is worth around $100 million? A person’s net worth can change over time due to a number of circumstances, such as changes in income, expenses, and the value of assets. This is an important concept to keep in mind.

This is clear from the statement Kevin Rinke made in the past about spending $10 million of his own money to run for governor. He planned to use the money to fix adjacent roads and hire Michigan people for well-paying jobs.

Kevin Rinke Net Worth in the Last 5 Years

2023$100 Million
2022$96 Million
2021$91 Million
2020$87 Million
2019$83 Million

Early Life of Kevin Rinke

He lives with a family that is very business-oriented. He was brought up in Michigan. Their grandparents of Kevin we’re business owners as well. He pursues his career while conducting business. But he was also considering a career in medicine and hospitals.

He received his education at Michigan State University. He has degrees in statistics and advertising. When he completes college, he plans to run for governor.


Kevin Rinke hails from a family that has a strong reputation in the auto industry. His parents, Ronald John Rinke, and Janice Skillman, put a lot of effort into beginning prosperous car dealerships. Brother of Kevin Rinke, Michael Rinke, unfortunately, perished in an aircraft accident.

He calls his mother Janice Skillman. Ronald John Rinke is Kevin Rinke’s father. He also had a younger brother. His name was Michael. He perished in a plane accident. He has a sister as well. Her name is Elizabeth. She too was born and reared in Michigan.

Kevin Rinke Biography

He is 60 years of age. He was born in Oakland County. He has helped many families and charity organizations. His family’s legacy helped him become a senator. His family has a long and distinguished past. His grandparents run a separate chain of car dealerships.

His grandfather is the owner of the General Motors Association in Michigan. It is a showroom that is unusually old. They have expanded their company over time. They are currently regarded as the very best financial managers. You can also read Bernie Martínez Ocasio.

Kevin Rinke Skills:

  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Management
  • Program Management
  • Strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships

Kevin’s Wife

Kevin Rinke wife

Janine and Kevin Rinke have been married for over 26 years. Grant, Amanda, and Katherine are their three kids. He must help his children develop into capable financial managers.

In order to secure their success, he is encouraging his children to pursue postgraduate degrees in a range of business-related professions, providing them with helpful advice, and carrying out his obligations as a decent father.


He has promised to donate close to $10 million to the governor’s election. He raised all the money and made all the investments himself. He is really concerned about how his neighborhood is developing.

He promised to utilize his own funds to benefit the citizens of his nation. He was quite worried about the growth of Michigan’s economy. He is a prosperous businessman who aspires to lead Michigan as governor.

He has also long since engaged with Centria Healthcare and worked for them. This company offers the service to children. Additionally, he expanded the advocacy for medical care and drugs in various parts of America, specifically California.


In 2009, Rinke joined Cassell and Associates. A group assists those who have suffered terrible brain injuries in making a full recovery.

While vying for lead representative, the newcomer promised to spend $10 million of his own money. He will utilize the funds to repair the local streets and offer well-paying jobs to Michigan locals.

Who Is Kevin Rinke’s Better Half According to His Account and Family? The entire Rinke family is renowned for running prosperous auto dealerships.

The General Engines display sites in Michigan were laid out by Kevin’s amazing granddad almost a long time ago. Long-term success for the family business led to Rinke’s rise to prominence as a financial counselor.

His mother is Janice Skillman, and his father is Ronald John Rinke. Michael, Kevin’s brother, perished in an aviation mishap.

The money manager, who lives in Metro Detroit, has been married to Janine for around 25 years. Katherine, Grant, and Amanda are their three together-born children.

Kevin’s granddaughter Adeline was just born. He said that he needed to take the lead role in further developing Michigan for herself and others.

Find out more about the Republican candidate: In Michigan, Kevin Rinke was born and reared in a family that valued business. He had a privately owned company and worked in numerous emergency clinics.

Kevin successfully finished his undergraduate studies at Michigan State University. When he joined the Republican Party, he declared his intention to compete for the legislative leader of Michigan.

In order to strengthen his position in the contest, the legislator is running TV commercials and other campaigns. He frequently disseminates information about the upcoming election and pushes his missions on Twitter, where he is extraordinarily effective.

The general political election will take place on November 8, 2022, once more newcomers have arrived.

In spite of Rinke, four distinct contenders were chosen using separate criteria. He is a Republican opponent who should concentrate on making sure everyone in Michigan is content.

Sources of Income

He has $10 million in his private business. He sells cars as well. His line of work as a money manager is his source of income. He has also earned a sizable sum of money through his employment. He has also held positions in many healthcare organizations and hospitals.

Social Media

Contact MethodInformation
AddressBloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States
Phone NumberNot Availble
TwitterClick Here


Friends, Successful businessman, and entrepreneur Kevin Rinke are well-known for his work in the auto sector. According to our sources, Kevin Rinke’s net worth is close to $100 million. Despite considerable challenges in his life, he has succeeded in this position and is an inspiration to us. We have faith that he will be successful and content in whatever he chooses to do in the future.


Where is Kevin Rinke from?

Kevin Rinke is an American citizen. He was raised specifically in the state of Michigan.

What is the age of Kevin Rinke?

The age of Kevin Rinke is 67.

What is Kevin Rinke net worth?

Our sources estimate Kevin RInke’s net worth to be $100 million.

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