What Eyeshadow Color Makes Hazel Eyes Pop?

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Hazel eyes are a beautiful and unique eye color, but choosing the right eyeshadow color can be tricky. With the right shade, however, you can make those hazel eyes pop! There are certain colors that work best to bring out the color of hazel eyes and give them dimension. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle look or a bold one, there is an eyeshadow color perfect for your hazel eyes.

Warm & Cool Colors

When it comes to finding the perfect eyeshadow color for hazel eyes, warm and cool colors can make a big difference. Warm colors, like golds and oranges, are great for bringing out the golden tones in hazel eyes. Cool tones, such as blues and greens, can make the green flecks in hazel stand out even more. No matter which shade you choose, having fun with warm and cool tones can help you create stunning makeup looks that will leave your eyes looking brighter and more vibrant.

The best way to determine which shades look best on you is to experiment with different options. Play around with both warm and cool hues until you find a combination that really brings out your natural eye color.

Shades for Daytime

Shades for Daytime – Hazel eyes are beautiful and unique in that they often change color depending on what you wear. If you want to make your hazel eyes stand out during the day, it’s important to choose the right eyeshadow shades. To create a look that pops, consider using neutral tones paired with browns or greens. For an extra touch of sparkle, try adding hints of gold or silver.

When selecting shades for daytime looks, stay away from overly shimmery and bright hues as they can be too overpowering in natural light. Instead, opt for matte shadows that will flatter the warm tones of your eyes while still providing definition and depth. Choose earthy neutrals such as taupe, cream, or light brown to create a subtle yet stunning look. Here you can read more about the best eyeshadow palettes.

Shades for Evening Look

When it comes to creating the perfect evening look, the right eyeshadow color can make a world of difference. If you have hazel eyes and want them to stand out, even more, there are certain shades that will work better than others. To help you find the best color for your eye makeup look, we’ve put together this guide on what eyeshadow color makes hazel eyes pop.

For an evening look with hazel eyes, try adding a touch of shimmer or metallic tones to bring out the golden tones in your iris. Bronze or gold shadows will help enhance these colors and create a luminous glow around your eyes.


The conclusion of this article is that enhancing hazel eyes with the right eyeshadow color can be a challenge. However, by properly understanding the undertones of your eye color and selecting complementary colors, you can create a stunning look that will bring out the best in your hazel eyes.

When selecting shades for your eye makeup, focus on warm-toned shades such as golds, bronzes, and browns. These colors will accentuate the golden specks in your irises and truly make your eyes pop’. If you have more green flecks in your irises, consider opting for green hues or purple tones to bring out their vibrancy. Lastly, don’t forget to use highlight and shadow to define and contour; it’s an essential step when creating a beautiful look with hazel eyes!

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