Brandon Fugal Net Worth: How Rich is Skinwalker Ranch Owner?

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American investor and businessman Brandon Fugal has been named the EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Fugal is noted for owning the Skinwalker Ranch, which was featured on the History Channel program “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,” and for being a co-owner of Colliers International, a real estate company with offices in Utah. In 2016, Fugal acquired the renowned Ranch, but he kept it a secret until 2020. Brandon Fugal’s projected net worth as of 2023 is $500 million.

Job Highlights

In 1994, Fugal started his career with Utah Realty Group as a senior vice president. He held the position of Chairman of Coldwell Banker Commercial as well.

He helped form the Texas Growth Fund IIC in 2016. He joined Zenerchi LLC as a Strategic Advisor four years later.

Many people are familiar with him thanks to the History Channel’s “Skinwalker Ranch” program.

He has a vast fortune estimated to be above $500 million.

Who is Brandon Fugal?

Dan and Jill Fugal welcomed Fugal into the world on April 1st, 1973 in the United States. He won a leadership scholarship to study at Utah Valley University. Additionally, he spent ten years on the University Foundation Board.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth & How He Made His Money?

In August 1994, Fugal began his career with Utah Realty Group as a Senior Vice President. He worked there from March 1995 to March 1996. He then co-founded Cypher Corporation in March 2016. He was connected to the business up to March 2016. In March 1998, Brandon began working as Chairman for the CBC Advisors, where he spent more than 20 years. He was employed at Coldwell Banker Commercial as a Chairman as of October 2013.

In March 2020, Brandon started a new chapter in his professional life by joining Zenerchi LLC as a Strategic Advisor. He worked till September 2020 for a private business. In January 2016, Fugal co-founded the Texas Growth Fund IIIC. He continues to serve as a board member for the fund.

Fugal is currently employed with Colliers International as its Chairman. In addition, he has worked with Xenter, Inc. as a strategic adviser, Pomaika’I Partners as a managing partner, and Axcend as a board member.

After allowing History Channel to shoot at his million-dollar ranch, Skinwalker Ranch, Fugal gained notoriety. According to reports, he bought the home in 2016. Up until 2020, Fugal kept the property a secret. He purchased the Ranch from aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, according to accounts, to carry out an inquiry and examine the strange and puzzling events that had been happening there for more than 200 years.

Through the History Channel program “The Secret of the Orion” and Fugal’s entry into the picture and disclosure of the property, it is considered that much more real alien.

Brandon Fugal’s Wife & Personal Life

He has four children with his wife, Lacey Anne Fugal, whom he is married to. Since he and his wife both attended college, we learned that he was seeing her. On Instagram, where he frequently posts about his most recent professional endeavors, Fugal is highly active.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth

Brandon Fugal’s net worth is projected to be approximately $500 million as of 2023. Through his business endeavors, he has earned substantial wealth. Fugal invests his time in community service and is a committed philanthropist.

As the Chairman of the Utah-based real estate company Colliers International, Fugal may be making a substantial salary, but his specific earnings have not yet been made public. He has acquired a number of notable customers while working for the real estate company, including Workers Compensation Fund, Novell Inc., The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, and Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.

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